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Sundowning Syndrome and How You Can Manage It

Sundowning Syndrome and How You Can Manage It

Sundowning syndrome usually happens to patients with Alzheimer’s disease with reasons not yet well understood. A few of the possible causes of sundowning include the disruption of a person’s circadian rhythm or biological clock, excessive tiredness, hunger or thirst, pain, depression, or boredom. A provider of caregiver services in Virginia lists down coping tips:

  • Maintain good evening lightings
    Fading light can trigger sundowning, so make sure that you install adequate lightings around the home and minimize the shadows.
  • When triggered, keep them distracted
    Should sundowning symptoms start showing, distract your loved ones such as by making them help in preparing the table or other simple tasks.
  • Establish a comfortable sleeping environment
    Skilled nursing professionals can also help with keeping the entire environment conducive for patients with Alzheimer’s, especially the sleeping area. A key to it is to always keep the room temperature moderate and provide nightlights to make them feel safe and reduce their risk of feeling agitated at night.
  • Surround the home with comforting and familiar things
    Alzheimer’s patients tend to get disoriented with new things and environments, so keep in mind adorning your home with only those that are familiar to them, as well as music or a particular smell.
  • Stick to a predictable schedule
    Maintain a strict schedule to everything from a healthy sleeping pattern to exercise schedules. Home Healthcare in Alexandria can help you effectively implement these daily patterns.

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