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Top 10 Healthy Lifestyle Practices for People with Disabilities


According to Disabled World, at least 12.6 percent of the American population has a certain form of disability. Such disabilities include conditions affecting the physical, emotional, sensory, and mental functionalities. In specifics, such conditions include seeing, hearing, remembering, moving, and learning disabilities, among others.

But just like any able person, the people with disabilities are also entitled to health privileges and rights. In fact, a disability should not be a hindrance to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Hence, as the premier provider of home healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia, we share the following lifestyle practices that promote the health goals of a person with a disability:

  1. Do physical exercises every day.

    The minimum requirement to be physically active daily is only 30 minutes. Even an early morning brisk-walk will do. Our caregiver services in Virginia can be requested if so needed for mobility aids.

  2. Eat healthily.

    Nutrition cannot be underestimated for people of all ages no matter the physical condition. Eat a good serving of fruits and vegetables every day. Likewise, stay away from foods that can complicate your condition.

  3. Minimize sun exposure.

    While the morning sunshine can trigger the vitamin D in the body, too much exposure can also cause skin cancer. If going out is necessary, make sure to put on sunscreen to protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays.

  4. Take medications.

    If you can’t remember to take your medicines on time, our team at Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC can provide medication monitoring services for you. Find ways to remember your medication intake as missing out can be detrimental to your health.

  5. Be in doctor’s appointments.

    Go to follow-up appointments with your doctors. You have a healthcare team who continues to monitor the progress of your condition. Being updated of your condition can help a great deal on how to meet your health goals.

  6. Quit smoking.

    If you’re into this habit, quit it. If quitting is hard to do, find ways to minimize the habit or get some motivation to finally end it.

  7. Drink moderately.

    Drinking alcoholic beverages are alright to some extent. Too much of the habit, or even dependency on alcohol, can bring great damage to your health.

  8. Maintain social circle.

    Find ways to keep in touch with family members and friends. Your significant relationships can strengthen your emotional health and inspire you to pursue your health plans.

  9. Consult with healthcare providers.

    These healthcare professionals can shed light on your questions about your condition.

  10. Be careful on substance abuse.

    If you think you’ve been overly dependent with your medications, get professional help right away.

Remember that it’s not your disability that determines your health. It’s you yourself who sets the course of your health goals. Choose to live the healthy lifestyle and reap the benefits of a healthy well-being.

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