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Chronic Knee Pain: Why Does Your Senior Loved One Have it?


Knee pains can come in two forms: acute and chronic.

The acute knee pains are triggered by infection or acute injury. Meanwhile, chronic knee pain is triggered by long-term illnesses, inflammation, and infections. For most seniors, chronic knee pains are synonymous with aging and they may need assistance from providers of Home Healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia. If your senior parent is constantly complaining of knee pains, a visit to their doctor is merited.

Chronic knee pains are caused by at least the following conditions:

  • Osteoarthritis

    When the knee’s cartilage degenerates, the protection between the upper and lower bones is thinned out. In consequence, the two bones can keep on hitting each other as the person moves. The common symptoms of osteoarthritis are a chronic pain with every movement, stiffness after prolonged sitting, and enlargement at the knee area. After a checkup with your doctor, treatments are prescribed depending on severity.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

    This is a type of arthritis that affects all joints of the body including the knees. It is a hereditary illness so when your loved one has it, there are more chances that you can also get it. Your prominent symptom is the knee pain, but it’s accompanied by morning stiffness, warm and swollen knee, and pain in other joints. Get a checkup immediately as there are better results for quick attention on rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Crystalline arthritis

    Also known as gout, the knee pain is caused by crystals formed at the knee joints. These are actually the crystallized uric acid which was not properly absorbed into the body due to a malfunctioning metabolism. Gout can happen very fast and is characterized by knee inflammation, extreme pain, and the inability to move the knee. Your doctor may recommend anti-inflammatory treatments and other ways to increase your metabolism.

  • Bursitis

    When the bursae of the knees get inflamed because of gout, trauma, or infections, bursitis occurs. The symptoms still include painful and swollen knees. Bursitis commonly happens to individuals who work on their knees, are overweight, and athletic. With a doctor’s recommendation, treatments can be provided at home through Skilled Nursing assistance.

  • Infection

    Knee pains caused by infections usually occur when a person has a prior illness or is taking medications and their immune system is not strengthened. Aside from the terrible knee pain, the person can also have fevers and chills. A doctor’s diagnosis is appropriate to identify the right treatment for infection.

Knee pains can be debilitating and limiting to your senior family member. When they’re in pain, they may not be able to carry on with their daily errands and their emotions for the day may be dashed. Allow them to have quality Caregiver Services in Virginia. This way, when the knee pain attacks, they can have someone from our team at Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC to assist them right away.

Care for your loved one by forwarding this helpful information with them.

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