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What Makes the New Delta Variant of COVID-19 Dangerous?

What Makes the New Delta Variant of COVID-19 Dangerous?

We have every reason to fear the COVID-19, including the original strain that broke out of Wuhan, China, in December 2019. If that virus was not that deadly, it wouldn’t have overtaken the entire world in just 3 months last year!

Now, everyone working in-home healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia is faced with an even deadlier variant of COVID-19, the Delta variant. Everyone must be on the same page on this topic because lives are at stake.

So, what is the Delta variant? Why is it so deadly, and how can you protect yourself and your elders in personal care in Burke?

Why do viruses replace, you ask? Viruses are programmed to do only one thing – to replicate and multiply. Because people’s immune systems are varied, these microorganisms can encounter an immune system too strong for them to overcome. They either get destroyed by the body’s immune response, or survivors in the bloodstream mutate and find ways to continue existing and multiplying.

One reason that the Delta variant is so dangerous to elders and people with special needs receiving caregiver services in Virginia is that it replicates faster than the original strain, and is more infectious than the other three variants.

Scientists say that each infected person carrying Delta has 1000 times more COVID-19 in their body than those infected by the original strain, or the other three variants. Hence, one person can infect a lot more people with one cough, and each virus particle that escapes can spread faster within each person’s body. The ratio is about 30 possible infections for each confirmed case of the Delta variant.

Make sure to stay home, stay safe, and call us at Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC if you need help or skilled nursing services.

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