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5 Exercises to Stay Fit and Active at Home

5 Exercises to Stay Fit and Active at Home Before, we can’t hit the gym because of our busy schedules. Now, we already have all the time to stay at home. Well, the gym is closed now but you can do some cardiovascular exercises while in a self-quarantine. For the seniors, be sure to talk to a professional from home healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia to know what’s best for you.
  1. Lunge Strengthen your legs with a forward lunge. You can also combine it with your arms driving forward to advance your exercise routine. Seniors can do this but make sure to ask assistance from a skilled nursing carer.
  2. Situps Bent-knee situp is one of the common ways to take care of your abdominal muscles without using any equipment.
  3. Pushups Instead of lifting weights, your body weight will help build your strength. This is good for men, women, and children. Seniors can do wall pushups instead of using the floor.
  4. Single Foot Stand This exercise promotes balance, especially for our elderly loved ones. You just need to balance your left and right foot alternately while holding to an unmovable chair. A provider of caregiver services in Virginia can assist your seniors while doing this to prevent them from falling.
  5. Wall Snow Angels This is done by placing your head, lower back, and hands flat against the wall. Your hands should be at your sides with spread arms. This stretching promotes flexibility for seniors.
If you require a hands-on caregiver to help you, feel free to reach out to us here at Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC. Contact our friendly representatives at 703-382-8180 today!
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