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Giving Support During the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s


Do you have loved ones currently in the early stages of Alzheimer’s? They may not need much caregiving assistance, but they need your support in this journey. To assist them, you may want to begin understanding their diagnosis, knowing how skilled nursing in Arlington County can help them, and planning their future, among others.

  • Accept the transition.
    Accepting your loved ones’ transition to the changes brought about by dementia is not an easy task. Don’t hurry acceptance. Allow yourself and your loved ones to process the information and the possible changes in the future. Don’t hesitate to seek caregiver services in Virginia if you think you need professional help in taking care of your loved ones.
  • Deal with complicated emotions.
    Are you in a state of denial, anger, and frustration? These conflicting emotions are common in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Your loved one diagnosed with the condition may feel overwhelming feelings of fear. Encourage them to continue doing things they love and add meaning to their life.
  • Find resources.
    Whether you need skilled nursing or mental health support, you can always find help online or in person. There are online resources and materials to help educate you about Alzheimer’s. Contact your nearest home care provider if you need assistance from care professionals.

Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC is a home healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia, that will aid you and your loved ones in your journey towards good health despite your conditions. We provide medical and non-medical services, such as companion care, personal care, Alzheimer’s care, hospice care, and more. Get in touch with us at 703-382-8180 today for more information about how we can help.

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