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Preventing a Wound from Getting Infected

Preventing a Wound from Getting Infected

Imagine a hole in a water container. No matter how small it is, if it is left unpatched, it can grow bigger and disperse more water. Instead of leaving the situation, the responsible person would try to fix it if they can or call for help. The same image applies to the mind when we talk about wound care.

Small wounds or big wounds, no matter how they look, can get worse if left without proper care. That is why you make sure every family member’s wound is taken care of. But what about your senior loved one living on their own? Or what about something that happens when you need to go outside the house? Fortunately, our caregiver services in Virginia can look after your loved ones.

Our skilled nursing services cover complex medical procedures right at your home. This includes caring for wounds. While at home, here are some tips to prevent infection.

To prevent wound infection from happening, it must be immediately washed with soap and water. Ensure that you keep a good amount of antibiotic ointment that you can use in these emergencies. You must also store bandage and gauze dressing in your first aid kit. To prevent the bandage or dressing from getting wet or dirty, change it regularly.

Sanitize yourself before and after you take care of your wound. Practice proper handwashing to prevent any infection or foreign material from entering your wound.

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