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Providing Assistance to Your Aging Loved Ones with Toileting

Providing Assistance to Your Aging Loved Ones with Toileting
Aging individuals often struggle with the performance of activities essential in their daily lives. Those chores that they can easily do when they were younger are already difficult to do in their advanced years. Oftentimes, they engage in Home Health Care in Alexandria, Virginia to get things done. There are even personal chores that they cannot do without some kind of assistance from other people. Providers of home health care in Alexandria, Virginia offer such assistance. You can help, too. Since it is a great deal for most seniors to have their dignity and independence intact, any family member like you should show respect when providing assistance. When you assist your aging loved ones with toileting, here are reminders to ensure that they have maximum independence, privacy, and treated with dignity.

Make the bathroom safe and easily accessible.

As much as possible, going to the bathroom should not be too much of a struggle for your senior loved ones. The bathroom itself should be safe for them to use. To ensure this, you can do the following:
  • Make sure that there is adequate lighting inside the bathroom by installing bright lights
  • Install a commode or toilet seat riser for convenience
  • Place nonslip mats on the floor
  • Put hygiene products in places that your family members can easily reach

Observe and watch out for signs indicating the need to go to the toilet.

Many seniors often do not express their need in words. Instead, they may show signs such as fidgeting, wandering, or trying to pull their pants off. Try to observe what signs are obvious in your loved ones and be alert when they show such signs. Direct them immediately to the bathroom.

Respect their privacy.

Even if they need assistance with personal tasks, it is still important for you to show respect as your loved ones value it. When you are already inside the bathroom, close the door for privacy. Make the situation less awkward for them by not focusing too much on the task at hand or nagging them on what they should do. Try to check if they really need certain assistance, such as pulling their pants down or up, and assist when necessary.

Encourage them to wear easily removable clothing.

Unbuttoning pants will require too much effort from them. Doing so may also take time, causing them to relieve themselves before being able to pull their pants down. It will be best if they wear easily removable clothing, such as garter pants.

Determine how much physical support they might need.

If they cannot stand up by themselves after toileting, check whether you can offer a stable support for them. If not, try to get someone to assist you.

Make sure to wash your loved ones’ hands after toileting to maintain good hygiene.

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