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The ABC’s of Diabetes

The ABC’s of Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that affects a lot of individuals. It occurs when your blood glucose is too high, which leads to more problems. Several recipients of caregiver services in Virginia include people with the condition, only telling how serious the condition can be. While there is no cure yet for diabetes, managing it is the key to living well. Hence, controlling the ABC of diabetes is vital.

  • A is for HbA1c

    HbA1c is a test that shows your average blood glucose over the last three months. It helps you understand if your sugar level is under control. There are kits you can use to collect samples of blood. Skilled nursing services can assist you with this.

  • B is for blood pressure

    High blood pressure means the harder your heart should work. An active lifestyle can help lower your blood pressure. If you have difficulty doing exercise, home care services in Dumfries, include assistance in performing minor exercises.

  • C is for Cholesterol

    Bad cholesterol can build up and clog your blood vessels. Make sure to know the cholesterol level that is normal for you. Eating the right kind and amount of food is vital. You can benefit from nursing care in Stafford Country to help you maintain a good cholesterol level.

By knowing your ABC levels in the proper range, you lower the risk of more problems. Home Healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia, can help you check your ABC levels. At Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC, our skilled nurses can assist you in diabetic care and monitoring, and insulin administration. Reach out and live well with diabetes.

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