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When a Senior Keeps on Forgetting

When a Senior Keeps on Forgetting Memory loss is among the most common signs of aging. As we enter our senior years, our minds do not function as they used to. Remembering sometimes is difficult to do. Your provider of home healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia is ready to take care of your senior loved one. At Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC, we offer specialized care and attention based on the senior’s condition and needs. Among these programs are our caregiver services in Virginia that help families manage the different needs of your loved one. Caring for a senior loved one who keeps on forgetting has its challenges – including risks and safety issues. Here are some tips you can share with the patient:
  • Writing notes or doing journals Jotting down notes provide a physical reminder of what should be thought of. In the process of writing, the thoughts of the writer become clearer and therefore easier to remember.
  • Allocating storage spaces It is difficult to remember something when it constantly changes. Having a designated location for items like keys, cards, or more is not only a good organization method, it also improves recall of where things are. It is easier to see when things are not in their location – when they are missing or misplaced.
  • Exercising the brain Playing crossword puzzles or word games provide the mental exercise the brain needs. Just like our muscles, it grows stronger the more we work on it.
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