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The Benefits of an Early Admission to Hospice Care

The Benefits of an Early Admission to Hospice Care

Hospice care is a special kind of care that focuses on improving the quality of life for individuals experiencing an advanced and life-limiting illness. Hospice philosophy affirms life but does not try to hasten or postpone death. Instead, it focuses on managing symptoms and increasing comfort for both the patient and the family during this difficult period.

As a trusted provider of home care services in Dumfries, we will discuss the benefits of early admission to hospice care:

  • Better Symptom Control

    Hospice care includes services like skilled nursing to aid pain and symptom management. This allows a hospice care team to provide individualized management of pain and other symptoms to offer as much relief and comfort as possible.

  • Access to Medical Supplies

    Hospice includes the provision of necessary medical supplies and equipment. This may include a hospital bed, wheelchair, or commode, so the patient’s needs can be managed better at home. Earlier access to these supplies is also beneficial to caregivers as they make it easier to cope with their loved one’s increasing needs.

  • Bereavement Support

    Hospice provides caregiver services in Virginia to offer respite to family caregivers. Beyond that, family members also receive bereavement support to work through emotional issues before death occurs. This can lessen the overall grief of family members and offer emotional and/or spiritual support.

We at Ready 2 Serve Home Healthcare LLC prioritize your health and well-being. Hence, we deliver customized care services based on your needs. In addition to home healthcare in Alexandria, Virginia, we also offer hospice care for clients who are nearing the end of life. Reach out to us for more information.

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